Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Money Show, Louis James

Louis James is of Casey Research. His talk was on Resource Investing 101: What, Why and How. He is Senior Editor, Metals Division, Casey Research.

Most oil companies are government owned and have other agendas then making money. Mexico’s oil company is in problems as they have not invested in the company.

He says the US is like a family that is making $20,000 a year, is spending $40,000 a year, has $140,000 in debt and agrees to cut $400 in spending. Things are not going to get fixed this way. They will not be fixed without some pain.

In the US Real Estate is on a long slow bottoming. You should not buy Real Estate until everyone has lost hope that it will recover.

Gold is peaking when everyone is buying gold coins. This hasn’t happened yet. We are not even close to a peak. You should own gold for safety reasons. Gold stock stocks are for speculation and this is especially true of Junior Gold Stocks. Gold is moved by fear and we have a solid run up in fear going on.

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