Friday, September 16, 2011

Money Show, Jeff Garland

Jeff Garland is from Stockhouse Publishing Ltd and his talk was on Social Media in Investing.

He first asked what Social Media is? The answer is that it is word of mouth on a global scale. Social median connects people who share common interest. It is user generated content, blogs, group forums. Machine intelligence in SEO produces A-lists and top 100 lists.

Facebook has 750M users. Each user has an average of 130 friends. 50% of active users log in every day. Twitters have 1B tweets per day. YouTube shows 3B video view each day. On YouTube 65% of users are between 35 and 65 years old. 67% are male. Most are college or university graduates. Bloggers create expert networks on specific subjects.

Stockhouse assemble experts in such things as tech, gold, small cap investing. They have articles, videos, forums, blogs, and financial newsletters. At Stockhouse, experts are ranked. How Stockhouse makes money is small cap companies pay them to start a buzz about their company.

See their site at Stockhouse.

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