Monday, June 16, 2014

Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.

On my other blog I am today writing about Canadian Banks and their good second quarter of 2014 continue...

I own this stock of Reitmans (Canada) Ltd. (TSX-RET.A, OTC-RTMAF). I bought this company in September 2013. It was in financial difficulties and so was quite cheap. I believe it will recover.

The first thing I noticed when updating my spreadsheet was that anyone who had this stock for 10 years have made a profit. If you look at 10 year total return to the end of January 2014, shareholders have earned 8.92% per year. Mind you, this is all in dividends as the portion of the total return attributable to dividends is 9.98% per year. The portion of the total return attributable to capital loss is 1.05% per year. In this case, it certainly paid off buying a dividend paying stock.

This is not true for the 10 years to date because if you had it 10 years to date the loss is at 1.97% per year or a 58% total loss. I have not made any money on this stock since buying it in 2013. My investment is down 25% to date or at 23.09% per year.

There is an article in the Montreal Gazette about Reitmans having a bad first quarter in ret.htm. This is the case as Reitmans did have a bad first quarter. The few analysts that are still following this stock have been busy reducing their estimates for the financial year ending in January 2015.

The analysts' recommendations are a Hold. The 12 month stock price is $6.00 and this implies a total return of 4.20% with 0.84% from capital gains and 3.36% from dividends.

The good thing is that the debt ratios are holding up. The current Liquidity Ratio is 3.13. The Debt Ratio is 3.87. The current Leverage and Debt/Equity Ratios are 1.35 and 0.35. These are all still quite high.

I will continue to hold on to the share I have bought. On one basis, this stock is showing as cheap and that is looking the Price/Book Value per Share Ratio. The 10 year P/B Ratio is 2.26 and the current P/B Ratio at 0.94 is almost 60% lower. See my spreadsheet at ret.htm.

Reitmans (Canada) Limited operates a network of clothing stores specializing in women's & men's fashions and accessories. The company operates stores under the names Reitmans, Smart Set, Pennington Superstores, RW & Co., Thyme Maternity, Addition-Elle, and Cassis. Its web site is here Reitmans.

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