Friday, October 18, 2013

Kombat Copper Inc

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I own this stock of Kombat Copper Inc. (TSX-KBT, OTC-PNTZF). This is a stock I have owned since 2000, but I have never blogged about it before. I originally brought this stock in 2000 as Tathacus Resources Ltd. because it was doing interesting things. It was part of a basket of small caps that I was buying at that time. When it got into trouble, I did not sell my shares as they were worth very little. They still are.

There was a reverse takeover (RTO) of this company on Apr 28, 2011. May 2, 2012. Names Change from Pan Terra Industries (PNT) to Kombat Copper Inc. (KBT). In 2010 the company I had bought had no business. After the reverse takeover, the company bought a mine in Namibia, Africa.

The company current has no revenue. It currently has negative earnings and a negative cash flow. The stock price has steadily gone down and it is continuing on this track this currently. They have, however, been selling shares and buying mines.

The Liquidity Ratio is a bit low at 1.27, but the Debt Ratio is at 24.84. (They have little debt.) The company does have a book value and this has been rising over the past 3 years and is currently at $0.27. Whether anything will come of this company remains to be seen. However, it is interesting to track. See my spreadsheet at kbt.htm.

Another interesting thing is for the election of directors for 2013 in that only one past director is on the list. The other 4 directors of election are new.

Kombat Copper Inc. is a publicly traded Canadian exploration and development company. Its core operations are focused on copper resources in Namibia, one of the world's most prospective copper regions, where they have substantial assets in place Its web site is here Kombat Copper.

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