Saturday, November 27, 2010

Adventures with Global Credit

This company has been phoning me for the last 2 years looking for a Suzi C Brunner and Jeff Brunner. It does not matter that I tell them I do not know these people. They insist that I must be Suzi Brunner. They say, is that Suzi and I ask who is calling and I get a name like “Jason”. Next, I get “this item has just crossed my desk. It is an important matter, but first I must ensure I am talking to the right person”. Then they ask for my birthdate or SIN.

Like, I am going to tell a perfect stranger this sort of information. Do they think I am an idiot? Do people really fall for this? Just how incompetent are these people? I ask again, who is this calling and I get Global Credit. This is probably a legal thing that they cannot totally lie (or total misrepresent themselves). I usually get some information from these people like the address of these people, their postal code, or the age of the person they are looking for. Doesn’t matter that I say information is incorrect for me. They then blather on about something and then this is usually when I usually hang up the phone.

Sometimes they threat to keep calling me until I “co-operate” with them. Like, more spam phone calls, I guess! It is not as if I do not already get spam phone calls! (What it is with the guy, when you say hello says “press 1”.) Does Global Credit really think that any of this is going to change my attitude any? How incompetent is this?

I do wonder what they think “co-operating” with them is. I would guess it is me telling them some information about myself? They have to be kidding. Are people that stupid that they would give them any information? They start off a conversation being deceitful and they expect me to trust them. Maybe my standards are too high. I expect legitimate calls to be where the person identifies him or herself (first and last name); say the name of their company or organization they are connected with and then they tell me what the phone call is about.

I never had any debt or at least unpaid debt. Is this really all that happens to people who do not pay their bills? They get spam calls. And, you get them among a number of spam calls about all sorts of things. I mean really, this is all they do to collect debt? Does this really work?

Of course, I must admit that every time Global Credit personal get mad at me for “not co-operating” I get several phone calls in a row that are recorded messages. Then there is nothing for months and then they start again. Oh, the other thing that they do is leave a message on my phone. Someone says that they are looking for Suzi Brunner (sometimes it is Susan Brunner, I must admit) and that I must call them at this phone number about a very important matter within the next 24 hours. Do they really expect me to do this? I mean, really!

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