Friday, June 11, 2010

Saputo Inc 2

I first bought this stock (TSX-SAP) in September 2006 and some more in November 2007. My total return to date is 14.25% per year. This is a dividend paying stock. This stock has a great record for increasing dividends with a growth rate for the last 5 years at almost 14%. However, the increase for 2010 was one of lowest increase with it being around 3.6%.

The first thing that I see when I look at the Insider Selling and Insider Buying reporting is lots and lots of insider selling to the tune of almost $11M. Just over $8M was by officers of the company getting rid of options. I reported on the same thing when I last reviewed this stock. The interesting thing is that insiders seem to get rid of options when stocks hit a high. I do not know what this means. The problem is insider selling may not mean anything besides the selling want or need money.

When I look at low 5 year average P/E ratio for this stock, I get a ratio of 14.8. When I look at the high 5 year average P/E ratio, I get one of 20.5. I get a current P/E ratio, based on earnings estimates for 2010 of just 14.5. So this ratio shows a good current price. The next thing I looked at is the Graham price. I get one for 2010 of $21.10. The current stock price of $29.35 is about 40% higher than this, but this is about average for this stock. (That is, most of the time, the stock price is about 40% above the Graham price.)

The next thing I like to look at is the Price/Book Value Ratio. The 10 year average P/BV ratio is 2.84 and the current P/BV ratio is 3.00. This would suggest the current stock price is not low. The last thing to look at is the dividend yield. The current yield is about 2% and the 5 year average is about 2%. Expect for the P/E ratio, all this seems to point to a current relatively average price for this stock.

So what do the analysts say? The recommendations I can find are Strong Buy, Buy and Hold. The consensus would be a Buy. (See my site for information on analyst ratings.) Analysts seem to like the long term potential of the stock.

This company is a dairy processor and cheese producer in Canada, USA, Argentina, UK and Europe. It is also the largest snack-cake manufacturer in Canada that accounts for about 3% of its business. Its web site is here Saputo. See my spreadsheet at sap.htm.

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