Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Power Financial Corp 2

This is a stock (TSX-PWF) on the dividend lists that I follow of Dividend Achievers and Dividend Aristocrats (see indices). I bought this stock first in 2001 and some more in 2004. I have earned a total return of 8.4% per year on this stock.

When I look at Insider Buying and Insider Selling reports, I see that there has been selling to the tune of $10M this year. On the surface, this seems bad, but looking further, I find that the selling is by Robert Gratton, a director, who is retiring. This makes the selling understandable. There seems to be no other action in this category.

The next thing to review is the P/E ratios. The 5 year average low is 11.2 and the 5 year average high 16.6. This puts the current P/E, at 11, just below the 5 year average low. This is therefore showing a good current stock price. The next thing is the Graham Price. I get a Graham Price of $32.12 for 2010. With a current stock price of $28.03, the current stock price is some 12.7% below the Graham Price. The average low stock price is 12.2% below the stock price. This again shows a good current stock price. Please note that this items use an earning estimate for 2010, which may or may not, be correct.

When I look at the Price/Book Value, I get a 10 year average of 2.14 and a current P/B of just 1.55. This puts the current ratio at some 72% of the 10 year average. Any ratio less than 80% of the current average shows a good current stock price. The last think to look at is the dividend yield. The current yield is 5%. The 5 year average yield is 3.8% and the 10 year average yield on the low stock price is 4.2%. This again says that the current stock price is a good one.

When I look at what the analysts say about this stock, no one says anything bad about it. There is a worry that if the stock market plunges, this company could be hit hard. But the company is solid and it is a low risk stock. When I look at the analysts recommendations, there are lots of Buy recommendations and lots of Hold recommendations. The consensus recommendation is probably a Buy. (See my site for information on analyst ratings.)

I will hold on to what I have. I will not be buying any because I have sufficient stock in this company. I also have shares in IGM Financial, which is owned by Power Financial Corp. I do not like any one company to be too large a part of my portfolio. That said I feel comfortable holding this stock.

This company is a holding and management company. Its operations provide a range of individual and corporate financial and fiduciary services in North America and Europe. It holds interest in the following companies: Great-West Lifeco, Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life, Great-West Life & Annuity, Putnam Investments, IGM Financial, Investors Group Mackenzie Financial, and Pargesa Group. Controlling shareholder of Power Corp of Canada is Paul Desmarais. They have 30.1%, but have 64.6% voting control. Its web site is here Power Financial. See my spreadsheet at pwf.htm.

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  1. In 2013, by my count of the insider trades listed for him against T.PWF on quotemedia.com, he sold more than 240 million in stock. We retail investors get to keep just a few scraps occasionally!