Wednesday, April 7, 2010

State of My Dividends, Q1 2010

Today, I am updating my spreadsheet on dividends. For all my stocks, I have shown in the “10” (for 2010) column, if a company has actually increased their dividend yet for the current year of 2010. In the “div” column preceding, I show the percentage increase in the dividends for the company’s financial year ending in 2010.

For the first quarter of this year, I have had 7 companies increase their dividends. Since I do dividend calculations based on the applicable company’s financial year, I have also started columns for 2011. I will explain this shortly, but it only currently affects Alimentation Couche Tard (TSX-ATD.B) for this quarter.
There are other increases shown in the columns for 2010 and this is because when a company increases its dividend part way through their financial year, the total dividends for the following financial year will also be affect.

First I will explain the increase in 2010 which shows a “N” in the “10” column. Take the stock Canadian Real Estate Trust (TSX-REF.UN). I have an increase in the “Div” and “09” fields of 1.2% and “Y”. This means that the dividends paid in 2009 were 1.2% higher than for 2008. Since this increase occurred in November of 2009, it will affect the dividends that I receive in 2010. In 2009, I received 10 dividend payments of $.1133 and 2 dividends payments of $.115. This totals $1.363 of dividends per share for 2009. This was an increase of 1.2% over 2008 dividends of $1.3471. If I receive 12 dividends of $.115 for 2010, I will receive in 2010 dividends of $1.38 per share. This is an increase of 1.25% over dividends received in 2009. However, this company hasn’t actually increased their dividends for 2010. At least, they have not increased them yet. See the spreadsheet.

Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. B (TSX-ATD.B) only started to pay dividends 2006 and they pay dividends at a very low rate. The yield is usually under 1% and they started out with a yield of just .40%. However, their average annual increase in dividends has been at a rate of almost 12%. Accordingly, to my spreadsheet, after holding this company for some 10 years, you would be looking at a yield on your original investment of about 6%. As I said above, the recent dividend increase I received will affect my dividends received also in 2011. This is because this company has a financial year ending in April of each year. See the spreadsheet.

The next stock to talk about is Canadian National Railway (TSX-CNR). This stock’s yield is also not very high, and the 5 year average is just 1.6%. Since the company usually increases their dividend at the beginning of each year, the increases do not affect the following year. They have a financial year ending in December of each year. Although this company has a 5 year average dividend increase of just over 20%, the recent dividend increases have been much lower. The increases were high between 2005 and 2007 and since then have been much lower. The current increase is just 6.9%. See the spreadsheet. This company is still being affected by the current recession.

The last company I will talk about today is Enbridge Inc (TSX.ENB). The current dividend increase is very good, coming in at almost 14.9%. This is higher than the 5 year average of increases of just over 10% per year. Last year’s increase was also healthy at just over 12%. This stock has been a favorite of a number of analysts lately. The yield on this stock is also not bad as it is has an average yield over the last 5 years of around 3.2%. After about 10 years of holding this stock, you can expect a return on your original investment around 10% per year. If you live off your dividends, this is great. See the spreadsheet.

Tomorrow, I will continue talking about my stocks with dividend increases in this first quarter of this year.

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