Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This stock (TSX-ENB) is on the Dividend Achievers and the Dividend Aristocrats lists and also on Mike Higgs’ list at http://www.dividendgrowth.org/Report.htm. It is a stock that I notice that many people have been recommending lately. It is hard to know what to buy in such volatile markets, but this stock seems to have done, relatively, well.

I bought this stock in 2005 and I have made an average annual return of only 6%. However, this is because the price of the stock is depressed with the current bear market. Looking around at what people are currently saying about this stock, there are lots of people that look on it currently as a strong buy. It seems to have already made in EPS what it is expected to earn for this year and it is only reporting on June 2008, half way through the year.

This stock has already increased the dividends for this year, in January 2008. The P/E ratio on this stock has already come down quite a bit. Compared to other stocks, the price has not fallen that much. It has a lot of debt, and comparably, a high debt ratio, but seems able to pay off its debts.

Enbridge is focused on three core businesses of crude oil and liquids pipelines, natural gas pipelines, and natural gas distribution. They operate in Canada and US. Its web site is www.enbridge.com.
See my spreadsheet at http://www.spbrunner.com/stocks/enb.htm.

I have updated it with the figures from the June 08 quarterly report.
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