Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Computer Modelling Group 2

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Looking over my last entry, I notice I did not finish this stock off. This stock has recently been rising, which is a good sign. It is an Information Tech stock and since March it has done better than the S&P/TSX Info Tech Index and since May has done better than the general index. Yesterday at a price of $18.33, the P/E is 18.5 and the Trailing P/E is 20.6. This is higher than the 5 year average for these figures of 15.3 and 19.1. Usually you want to get it below the 5 year average, but the P/E has been rising lately, so this is a value judgment on whether P/E is acceptable or not.

They have also recent raised their dividends. Their annual dividend has been moved to $.80. They have also declared a special dividend for June 2008 of $.25. This would mean a total of $1.05 dividend this year. This is higher than what the expected Earnings per Share of $.99, so you have to wonder what the company thinks the Earnings per Share will be this year.

Will this stock be a future dividend paying growth stock added to our lists of such stocks? Only time will tell.

See my spreadsheet on this company at See my website at

It is a computer software technology and consulting firm engaged in the development and sale software. (Note I had incorrectly labeled this stock in yesterday’s blog, but I have corrected this.) Its web site is

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